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Pule Attorneys is young dynamic, vibrant and agile legal firm specializing in all aspects of civil, criminal, family, corporate and general legal practice in and around RUSTENBURG in the NORTH WEST PROVINCE.

The firm combines a wealth of experience and professionalism with youthful, enthusiasm and energetic staff. In essence, from working with us, our clients get the best of both worlds, as our professionals bring a wide range of unique skills and experience acquired through their involvements over many years. High quality legal advice and expertise is our stock in trade.

We pride ourselves in giving our client severity of competitive, dedicated and excellent legal solutions or services which is free of avoidable legal flaws and within client’s financial reach. The firm’s entrepreneurial flair enables it to be in tune with its like-minded clients who appreciate legal advisory services from a legal firm that understands them, their businesses and their business aspirations. 

The firm currently have FOUR (4) Attorneys who focuses on various aspects of the law based on the complication of the matter and legal experience. The firms also works in association with equally young and dynamic firms of R.S SOOMAR ATTORNEYS (NOTARY & CONVEYANCERS) and CHITOO NARAN ATTORNEYS (CONVEYANCERS) in all matters involving Registration of Properties, Trusts, and Family Matters.

The Sole Proprietor, ITUMELENG PULE and his associates, comes from completely different backgrounds and realized that they were stronger together than they were apart.

Mr. PULE, with his strong civil and criminal litigation, Labour and Family matters background, added to his passion for general litigation, has created a perfect balance to the young and vibrant legal staff who are who are eager to learn and to have their talent nurtured.

Mr. PULE believes that not all students who completes their law degree are capable of becoming good lawyers, however, with proper guidance and nurturing, he believes that they are capable of being legal eagles and become excited about the profession.

Mr. PULE would like to create enabling environment were young employees work together, where there is an open-door policy and where the difference in senior and junior employees’ financial rewards is not as big as at other law firms. He also wants to avoid situations where lawyers only get the opportunity to do certain types of work. He believes in the fair distribution of work for maximum exposure of each employee.

The firm is 100% BBBEEE compliant as required for tendering of medium to large corporation and government. Mr. PULE seats on various committees of body corporates and also on various government legal panels.

The firm is also placed on various legal insurance panels which assist it to have a steady business inflow.

In this economic climate, it is difficult for a new and small firm to remain niche. Although passion lie on Civil and Criminal Litigation, Labour Law, Family Law and Contracts, we are also more than proficient on other areas of the law which include, Third Party Claim, Administration of Deceased’s Estates, Administering of Wills and Trusts and Property Law and offers these services confidently.

We are supported by a highly motivated and able Administrative Staff who handles all our client’s relations expertly and diligently. To us, success does not only lies on retaining our current client, but also is to attract new clients through carrying out our services in courteous manner, and by referrals through our current client base.

Our client’s aside, we need the person power to bring our vision to life. We want to attract the best so we make our place of business attractive, be it aesthetically, lucrative, vibrant of simple in terms of employing good and professional working ethics.

The firm charges its clients on the basis of charge-out rates of its professionals. The charge-out rates are based on skill, experience and time spent on client’s mandate by the firm’s professionals. Hourly rates of the firm’s professionals are available on request.

We are now also 100% BEE compliant as is required for tendering to large corporations and government and that is definitely a route we intend on taking. The partners also sit on various committees such as body corporate and are in the process of being placed on various government legal panels so as to ensure steady inflow of business.
In this economic climate, it is difficult for a new firm to remain niche. Although our passions lie in civil law, family law, labour and criminal law, we are more than proficient in general litigation, MVA and ESTATE law and offer these services confidently. We are supported by a highly motivated and able secretary who also handles client relations expertly. We hope to expand our staff before the end of this year.
To us, success means retaining current clients and attracting new clients through carrying out our services in a courteous but strong and efficient manner.

PULE ATTORNEYS is Black-owned and Black-managed, and sees itself diversifying in future to reflect the demographics of the country.

The firm comprises of the following Professionals: ITUMELENG PULE, Senior Director and founder; DORCAS MNGESE, THUBALIHLE NCUBE and KGALALELO MATABANE.

The firm’s professionals have, through their wide ranging experience in the legal services industry, demonstrated an ability to manage and execute complex legal instructions and find innovative solutions to intricate legal problems.

The firm provides high quality expert advice on a full range various legal services. Our professionals have the necessary qualifications, skill and experience to render these services effectively. The relatively small size of the firm enables senior professionals to spend sufficient time on client matters and fully understand the business of each client.

The firm has invested considerable resources in the latest information technology software to cater for access to the latest publications, reported cases, legislation and efficient time management, accounting and practice management. Access to this software enables the firm to provide legal advisory services accurately and transparently.

To be among the leading role players in the provision of legal service synonymous with passion, excellence, value and sublime efficiency.

Provision of High Quality legal service in an efficient, costs effective and professional manner and to develop strong relationships with our clients